AccuDry™ 2: More Open, Less Compressed Void

January 18, 2021

The original AccuDry™ press fabric was optimized for lighter basis weight sheets and single suction pressure rolls. The high-mesh top cloth helped achieve superior pressure uniformity and excellent consistency after the pressure roll.

A more recent innovation, AccuDry™ 2, is a laminated press fabric designed for heavier basis weight sheets or machines with double suction pressure rolls. High-speed swing-grade machines often fit into this category.

The patented AccuDry 2 delivers the best of both worlds — a base structure with the openness of a seamed felt, plus the excellent batt attachment normally found with cabled seamless fabrics. This ensures good flow through the fabric by not having a closed pressure layer — making it easy to clean even in the harshest operating environments.

The AccuDry 2 design alternates cabled and single monofilament yarns in the cross-direction. The fabric starts up quickly, with no opportunity for the fabric to close up. This permits unrestricted flow through the fabric for ease of cleaning and improved water handling at the suction pressure rolls. In addition, it provides the perfect anchor for the internal nonwoven batt layer.

Since introduction, AccuDry 2 fabrics are operating on machines up to 7,000 fpm (2,134 m/min) using virgin and recycled pulp furnishes. Results show a significant increase in fabric life, wear resistance,
improved sheet profiles, and ease of cleaning.