Paper is our first priority.

Papermakers deserve a true business partner, a partner who understands every aspect of their operations and has a stake in their bottom line. They deserve a partner with the tenacity to develop viable solutions for complex performance issues, a partner who can deliver value beyond merely supplying product. And, they deserve a partner who truly believes in the future success of their industry, AstenJohnson is that partner.

We’re proud to be a preferred manufacturer of paper machine clothing, specialty fabrics and filaments for the worldwide paper industry, and more. Across the globe, customers turn to us not only to supply fabrics, but also to help them improve their productivity and achieve superior results. Turning our expertise into solutions for our customers—that’s what AstenJohnson is all about.

Zero Accident Culture

Safety has long been one of the core values within the AstenJohnson organization. In 2016, we launched a new safety initiative to enhance and communicate our culture of protection, accountability, commitment, and trust.

This initiative, dubbed the Zero Accident Culture (ZAC), is more than just regulation. ZAC is a global effort to create and maintain a safety culture for AstenJohnson through ongoing dialogue and training that emphasizes safe practices in the workplace.

ZAC serves as a reminder of our shared vision for an environment where we all take pride and responsibility in caring for ourselves and for others.


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