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Every mill and every machine is unique. We’ll work together with you to understand the distinct characteristics of your mill and keep operations running optimally. Across our entire line of fabrics we strive for partnership with our customers to deliver the best possible balance of useful life, cost and performance while looking out for business opportunities through replacements and rebuilds. Browse below to view our portfolio, identify relevant case studies and engage with our clothing and paper machine experts.

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AccuDry 2 Press Fabric

The AccuDry is a robust 1+1 multi-axial laminated design optimized for heavy basis weight sheets or double pressure roll machines.

AccuFlow™ Press Fabric

The AccuFlow is a modular (2+2) 4-layer construction that provides a high level of void volume and excellent resistance to compaction.

AccuFlow™ S2/E2 Press Fabric

The AccuFlow™ 2 press fabric is the only high void volume/compressible seamed fabric on the market with a single seam.


The AXiom™ is a highly stable base structure that runs clean and open providing high dewatering rates throughout the felt life.


The CleanTec dryer fabric is designed to reduce the negative impacts of contamination on fabric performance.

CleanTemp™ PLUS

Papermachines today place a lot of demands on dryer fabrics, especially considering they have to stay clean and resist hydrolysis and possible chemical damage at the same time.

EnerTemp® PLUS

The EnerTemp PLUS dryer fabric is made with high performance machine and cross machine direction monofilament components, providing a product with excellent resistance to heat and hydrolysis.

ExPress-T™ Press Fabric

The ExPress-T is a laminated 1+1 base comprised of a non-woven top cloth and multi-axial bottom cloth designed for the world’s most demanding tissue machines.

ExPress™ Press Fabric

The ExPress is a totally Non-woven 3 Layer modular structure (1+1+1).

FlexFlow™ 2 Press Fabric

The FlexFlow 2 is Double Layer version of the AccuFlow™ 2 designed for presses with lower water handling requirements.