CleanTemp™ PLUS

Papermachines today place a lot of demands on dryer fabrics, especially considering they have to stay clean and resist hydrolysis and possible chemical damage at the same time. Comprised of 100% hydrolysis resistant material, CleanTemp PLUS offers the best of both worlds: hydrolysis and chemical resistance. The CleanTemp PLUS construction, woven on the MonoTier platform, utilizes a stacked weave with flat machine direction strands coupled with larger cross direction materials. No need for an acrylic or cabled stuffer in the cross direction to keep the perm down (for earlier sections) the CleanTemp PLUS will stay more open, and will be more easier to clean across all forms of dryer fabric cleaning. With the rise in chemical cleaning, eliminate the concern with proper rinsing and possible dryer fabric degradation with the 100% high performance materials in CleanTemp PLUS.

Product Benefits:

  • Excellent resistance to heat and hydrolysis degradation for longer life
  • Structured surface for easier cleaning and cleaner running
  • No acrylic or cabled stuffers to trap oil and contamination
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Blake Farmer

Dryer Product Business Leader