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The word “innovation” is overused to the point where it has partially lost its meaning. However, as the demands on our industry continue to shift, the need for innovation has never been higher.


Where Your Insight Inspires Our Next Innovation.

How to build a better product? Just ask the people who use it. Our boots are on the ground to gather customer feedback, think through challenges and talk shop.

We then bring the knowledge we glean in the fields back to AJ Labs, our incubator for the new and the next. Here, AJ’s expert team of researchers and developers is constantly working to create new products and enhance existing ones—all to better meet customer needs. Take a look at our latest breakthroughs.

The Latest Information from AJ Labs
August 22, 2018

A Pressing Matter

AccuFlow is the first four-layer woven press fabric with high void volume and a single seam without lamination.

July 23, 2018

Staging Breakthroughs

About 46% of the resources that companies devote to innovation go into products that fail in the marketplace or never even make it to market