AccuFlow™ S2/E2 Press Fabric

The AccuFlow™ 2 press fabric is exclusive to AstenJohnson. It is the only high void volume/compressible seamed fabric on the market with a single seam. The key to the success of the AccuFlow™ 2 is its unique base fabric construction that provides high dewatering rates, excellent compaction resistance and superior durability. The base fabric is comprised of two multi-layered base modules that are angled to one another, preventing structural collapse and effectively bridging press roll venting. The high base intensity of this design eliminates any shadow marking concerns. The base modules use a unique combination of solid monofilament and cabled monofilament yarns. The single monofilament yarns provide openness and cleanliness, while the cabled monofilament yarns provide compressibility and batt anchoring. AstenJohnson’s unique AccuLink™ seam technology ensures excellent seamability, a highly durable seam flap, superior seam strength and virtually no seam mark.

Product Benefits:

  • Improved press solids
  • Lower draws
  • Reduced Steam Consumption
  • Increased Paper Machine Speed
  • Improved paper machine runnability (less breaks)
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Improved end of life performance
  • Increased felt life
  • Steady State performance
  • Ease of cleaning
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Bill Hoey

Product Manager - Press
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Chad Wray

Product Manager - Press
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Matthew Spickard

Product Manager- Press