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Papermaking Fundamentals Data Analysis Course (August 2019)

August 26-29, 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
AstenJohnson HQ
4399 Corporate Road
North Charleston, SC 29405
Sue McCann
AJU Expert Instructor

Mike Benton

Process & Diagnostic Specialist

AJU Expert Instructor

Dave Burton

SBDT - Papermaking Specialist


AstenJohnson University is offering a class in Fundamental Data Analysis –SC campus.

This 2 ½ day course is designed for individuals who are relatively new to papermaking or in a new position at the mill. Also the course is excellent for those responsible for monitoring and improving process performance or product quality. This training is great for non-manufacturing roles as well. The class size is small – 12 to 16 participants – to allow for plenty of discussion along with classroom instruction. To take advantage of the available expertise in the classroom, participants are encouraged to bring their own data from a process improvement project. After learning a tool in Minitab by application on a training set of data, the class will have opportunity to apply the tool on their own data with guidance and input from the instructor.

What will you learn?

A. The Six Sigma Template: DMAIC

B. Collecting Data, Preparing Data and then Importing Data into Minitab

C. Summarization and Graphical Tools in Minitab to help you see current state process capabilities.

  • Descriptive Statistics, Confidence Intervals
  • Measures of shape, center and spread
  • Measures of Capability
  • Histograms and grouping for stratification

D. Summarization and Graphical Tools in Minitab to help you describe the current state and to see process variation. Use tools to identify special cause variations.

  • Pareto Charts
  • Bar Charts (simple charts, cluster charts) and use of functions for summary bar charts
  • Time Series Plots (simple, multiple) and using groups for stratification
  • Contrasting Charts (I-charts)

E. Find relationships between input and output variables using Scatterplots and Correlation.

F. Find statistical differences with basic hypothesis testing.

G. Basis statistical comparisons


Please contact Mike Benton (mike.benton@astenjohnson.com) or Sue McCann (sue.mccann@astenjohnson.com) if you have any questions.


The deadline to register is July 26, 2019.


Papermaking Fundamentals Data Analysis Course (August 2019) August 26-29, 2019

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