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Every mill and every machine is unique. We’ll work together with you to understand the distinct characteristics of your mill and keep operations running optimally. Across our entire line of fabrics we strive for partnership with our customers to deliver the best possible balance of useful life, cost and performance while looking out for business opportunities through replacements and rebuilds. Browse below to view our portfolio, identify relevant case studies and engage with our clothing and paper machine experts.

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When you asked for a durable, hydrolysis resistant fabric, AstenJohnson answered with the SpiralTemp dryer fabric.

Stylus™ Press Fabrics Platform

The Stylus Platform is a Double Layer incompressible base designed for presses with medium to lower water handling requirements.

T Star™ AJ-494 Forming Fabric

T Star AJ-494 is engineered to deliver the ultimate balance between drainage, stability, and low void volume to improve your paper machine operation and positively impact your bottom line performance.

TriFlow™ 2 * Coming Soon

TriFlow™ 2 is the evolution of the first intrinsic 3-Layer Seamed base design in the industry. It is a Patented Hybrid Design utilizing a combination of a unique non-woven CD oriented base module inserted between a top and bottom woven base module.


The UltraTemp dryer fabric provides a high performance, stable dryer fabric in the medium to high permeability range.

x AccuDry™ EurAsia

The AccuDry is a 1+1 laminate specifically designed for high speed Crescent Formers.

x AXiom™ Platform EurAsia

For Optimal Performance in Printing and Writing grades.

X Stylus™ Platform EurAsia

The High Performance Solution for Packaging and Containerboard. In 2 layer, 3 layer and 4 layer base structures for optimal dewatering.