When you asked for a durable, hydrolysis resistant fabric, AstenJohnson answered with the SpiralTemp dryer fabric. Utilizing high performance yarn, AstenJohnson developed this fabric to provide longer life on severe heat and hydrolysis prone positions. With 100% coil construction, the SpiralTemp dryer fabric provides good contamination resistance and cleanability. These attributes, combined with the inherent air pumping characteristics of spiral fabrics, make the SpiralTemp dryer fabric the right answer for positions with severe operating conditions that need pocket ventilation.

Product Benefits:

  • Excellent resistance to heat and hydrolysis degradation
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Increased pocket ventilation for improved drying/reduced energy costs
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Blake Farmer

Dryer Product Business Leader E-mailblake.farmer@astenjohnson.com