The SpiralPro dryer fabrics provides numerous benefits for paper machine operations. Composed of 100% polyester monofilament, the fabric provides outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent stability even at very high permeabilities. On machines with no pocket ventilation system or an insufficient system, the air pumping capacity of the high permeability SpiralPro fabric increases air flow into the pocket, facilitating mass transfer. The results are improved drying and reduced energy costs, or speed increases on dryer limited machines. The spiral fabric becomes endless once joined, eliminating concerns for seam strength, wear or seam mark. The SpiralPro offers a unique application window. It is much finer than standard spiral fabrics, but more robust than fine spirals designed for single tier positions that are limited to low permeabilities. This makes it applicable for positions where standard spirals may mark the sheet.

Product Benefits:

  • Improved drying/reduced energy costs
  • Speed increase on dryer limited machines
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Fine surface for less marking potential
  • No seam to mark sensitive grades
  • Ability to remove damaged sections
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