The SmoothTec™ press felt provides the ultimate in micro scale pressing uniformity for today’s papermakers in need of improving sheet smoothness and sheet solids. This new product incorporates the latest in resin technology and needling processes to provide a felt surface that is free of needle tracks and surface patterns. The resin enhancement creates a cross-linking network between the batt fibers to increase pressing uniformity without closing down the drainage channels. Unlike traditional surface treatments of the past that were topical and wore out quickly, SmoothTec™ resin permeates into the batt structure to create a durable surface that maintains pressing uniformity over the life of the felt.

Product Benefits:

  • Increased pressing uniformity and fiber support
  • Improved micro smoothness
  • Increased sheet solids
  • High dewatering rates right from startup
  • Resin permeates through the fi ne cap batt structure
  • Steady-state performance
  • Increased durability
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Chad Wray

Product Manager - Press