Poseidon™ AF-SHD2 Press Fabric

The Poseidon™ AF-SHD2 is a modular (2+2) construction that provides the highest degree of void volume and excellent stability with improve batt anchorage. Built upon the Poseidon™ AF-SHD platform, the Poseidon™ AF-SHD2 uses the same larger diameter MD base yarns to achieve even maximum void volume, but also incorporates cabled mono yarns in the CD to improve batt anchorage. By utilizing the Multi-Axial base construction system in conjunction with single monofilament yarns in the MD, high void volume is achieved and compaction over time is minimized. Sustained economic performance is the result.

Product Benefits:

  • High void volume and low resistance to water flow
  • Improved batt anchorage for longer run times
  • The best choice for the highest water demand nips
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-Axial construction means structural stability
  • True 4-layer construction with a single pin seam
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