May 18, 2023

AstenJohnson Awards Paper Machine Clothing Textbooks to University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

May 18, 2023 – Stevens Point, WI AstenJohnson Forming Product Manager, Ian Meinke, visited the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point campus to deliver his lecture, “Fabrics 101.”  He also attended the Paper Science and Chemical Engineering senior design project review meeting and presented fifteen books to students in the program.

“The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point has a strong Paper Science and Chemical Engineering program,” Meinke said. “They’re educating the future leaders of the paper industry. Coming here and meeting the students is always a pleasure. Presenting them with these books is one of the great ways AstenJohnson shows our support.”

AstenJohnson has been in the papermaking business for over two hundred thirty years and recognizes the importance of sharing and passing down knowledge. CEO Kevin Frank is supportive of student outreach programs. “Building bridges with students interested in papermaking is important. New generations of papermakers infuse our industry with different perspectives, ideas, and technology that lead to better products. With such far reaching benefits, encouraging future papermakers is an easy decision to make.”

Meinke’s “Paper Machine Fabrics 101” lecture isn’t limited to college students. He and his peers often give similar talks to customers. In fact, machine fabric information is shared as part of the Fundamentals of Papermaking courses at AstenJohnson University. AstenJohnson University was formed in 2005 to help new and experienced papermakers expand their industry knowledge. While primarily taught in Charleston, South Carolina, AstenJohnson University has presented special sessions on location for customers.

AstenJohnson’s commitment to ongoing education will continue, both at college campuses and at AstenJohnson headquarters, ensuring a bright future for the papermaking industry.

About AstenJohnson

AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer of pulp & paper machine clothing, advanced and filtration fabrics, filaments, and nonwoven fabrics for filtration, automotive, cured-in-place piping and composites. The company has manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, with corporate headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. AstenJohnson emphasizes quality in its innovative products and builds long-term relationships with its customers, associates, suppliers and communities based on five values: Safety, Excellence, Integrity, People, and Sustainability. Together, these values contribute to customer satisfaction.