January 10, 2019

North America PMC Celebrates Safety Milestone

Today, January 10, marks 365 days since the last field recordable Safety incident for North America PMC. This is a great accomplishment and is the result of the Business Team’s commitment to ZAC™ and making Safety a daily top priority. Thank you to all the North American PMC Business Teams for looking after each other and focusing on the important task of working safely. Your engagement in the BBS program, documenting Safety items in MVRs, and keeping the attention on working safely is making a difference. Congratulations on this important achievement!

About AstenJohnson

AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer for the paper industry, supplying paper machine clothing and advanced filtration fabrics to papermakers around the world. As a supplier to the paper industry since 1790, AstenJohnson and its family of companies leverage longstanding knowledge of manufacturing processes to offer all its customers deep expertise and innovation. The company employs approximately 2,000 people. Its corporate headquarters is in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.