February 1, 2018

AstenJohnson Valleyfield Gives Back

Again in 2017, the Valleyfield Site invested positive energy in its annual fund
raising, which is an important part of our culture at AstenJohnson.
The chosen foundation for 2017 was the Foundation of Fire Fighters from Quebec
for Serious Burn Victims. Every year in Quebec, about 300 people are treated in
specialized centers for serious burn victims.

Thanks to the donations, emergency funds and direct help, the foundation can
finance research programs and rehabilitation programs, buy ultra-specialized
equipment, finance a summer camp for children as well as provide assistance to
the victims and their families.

This foundation shared their newsletter with us where they thank AstenJohnson
for their remarkable generosity:

"The end of year 2017 reserved us an extraordinary surprise. AstenJohnson chose the
Foundation of Fire Fighters from Quebec for Serious Burn Victims for their annual
fund raising and presented us with over $3,000! We were lucky enough to attend
their Christmas lunch where we had the opportunity to explain to the members of
their team the mission and the objectives of the foundation.
It is within the framework of this festive gathering that Sylvia Desjean, Customer
Service Leader, proceeded to the official announcement of the amount raised.
In the name of all the team members of this foundation, we thank you for your
extraordinary contribution. This type of initiative allows our organization to pursue
its mission of help to the serious burn victims throughout their healing process.

Happy New Year to all!"

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