April 22, 2021

AstenJohnson Publishes Interactive Sustainability Report

Beginning in 2020, AstenJohnson improved our focus on sustainability ambitions, and set new goals.

While many people think “sustainability” only applies to consumption, energy use, and environmental concerns, it also applies to diversity, the wellbeing of communities and the people who make them up, and economic responsibility. The UN refers to these goals as the three pillars: economic, environmental, and social.

In order to show AstenJohnson’s commitment to, and progress with sustainability initiatives, we have created a new interactive report that outlines each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we are contributing to, as well as the progress we have made.

We invite you to visit the report at:

About AstenJohnson

AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer for the paper industry, supplying paper machine clothing and advanced filtration fabrics to papermakers around the world. As a supplier to the paper industry since 1790, AstenJohnson and its family of companies leverage longstanding knowledge of manufacturing processes to offer all its customers deep expertise and innovation. The company employs approximately 2,000 people. Its corporate headquarters is in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.