November 6, 2017

Advanced Fabrics Inaugural AJU Pulp

Advanced Fabric’s inaugural AJU Pulp was held in Charleston, SC October 23-26th.  This AJU covered fundamentals of the operational aspects of Pulp forming and pressing, the impact of machine clothing on performance, how to maintain clothing, and how to optimize machine performance.

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September 11, 2017

Understanding Break-In Time: Introducing Nitro™ an Intrinsic Start-Up Aid

The reason press fabrics take time to settle into their running state is that the batt structure and base construction both need time to reach optimum density. The low initial density of new fabrics causes the uhle boxes to remove too much water from the felt loop, which in turn affects nip saturation and pressing efficiency. Press fabric designers have to consider this effect to ensure that most of the useful life of the felt falls within the optimum density range.

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July 26, 2017

AstenJohnson Announces Acquisition of Foss Manufacturing Company's (Northern Division)

AstenJohnson Holdings, Ltd., global supplier of innovative products and technical solutions, today announced its acquisition of the Northern Division of Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC for an undisclosed sum. Marking this occasion, Foss Manufacturing (Northern Division) will become Foss Performance Materials. This new name signifies an important step for Foss Manufacturing Company, our customers and stakeholders.

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June 19, 2017

We've got great news for GlobalLink™ users

The mobile application is an abbreviated view of the web version of GlobalLink. It allows you to view inventory for all paper machine clothing positions for your mill and see what fabrics are on order or on the machine.

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