element™ Press Fabrics Platform

The element is the first Intrinsic 3-Layer Seamed base design in the industry. It is a Patented Hybrid Design utilizing a combination of a unique non-woven CD oriented base module inserted between a top and bottom woven base module. The CD non-woven insert is made of single monofilament yarns and provides increased void volume under load and post nip resiliency. The 3-layer base design provides excellent compaction resistance and maintains low flow resistance in the nip. Available in three versions: 1) element DS – a heavier high void volume base design with a coarser “element” insert, 2) element ST/STK – a lighter medium void volume base design with a finer “element” insert and 3) element VR - a medium void volume base with a CD non-woven Polyurethane insert which provides excellent resiliency and barring resistance. Available in Endless or Seamed Construction

Product Benefits:

  • Element’s improved water removal, faster break-in time and reduced reduction has increased productivity generating up to $3,320,000 annually. See case studies below.
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Rick Phillips

Press Product Manager - Packaging E-mailrick.phillips@astenjohnson.com
Americas For More Information, Contact:

Bill Hoey

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