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MonoShape™ MF Forming Fabric

The MonoShape MF's structured warp is engineered to deliver the ultimate balance between contact area, pocket depth, and fabric stability on your TAD machine improving your operations and increasing your performance.

Product Benefits:

  • Structured warp technology - low caliper for ease of cleaning and reduced rewet
  • Structured warp technology – provides 5-10% greater bulk generation compared to same round warp designs
  • Available in long warp down (LWD) for transfer positions
  • Available in long warp up (LWU) for maximizing contact area
  • Armor Tec coating options – Contamination resistance and water removal
Les Amériques For More Information, Contact:

Robbie Edmonds

Forming Product Manager - Tissue and TAD E-mailrobbie.edmonds@astenjohnson.com
Europe For More Information, Contact:

Russell Turner

Forming Product Business Leader E-mailrussell.turner@astenjohnson.com