CPPI: Management Insights

China Pulp & Paper Industry magazine interviewed Dan Cappell (CEO & President) and Tom McInenly (Vice-President, Asia) for their “Management Insights” feature in the April Edition. Click to read the full article … [Read More...]

Feature Products

AccuFlow II

AccuFlow™ II

Already creating millions of dollars in value for packaging and pulp producers, the world’s most versatile platform makes to leap to printing and writing grades. The SP2/EP2 is improving machine efficiencies by optimizing the work horse position on all P&W machines; the pick-up position. This version of AccuFlow has been modified to resist wear from abrasive fillers while it stays more open to eliminate common sheet handling issues. The result has been improved running … [More...]

PrintStar dans rond_small


PrintStar™ forming fabric is a thin caliper, fine mesh SSB triple layer fabric engineered for today’s high speed machines and critical grades.  PrintStar™ is woven with a Structured Yarn™ on the machine side which improves dimensional stability without loss of air permeability. This unique feature also provides a cleaner running machine as documented in the following case studies. … [More...]

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