AstenJohnson Releases First Sustainability Report

This is AstenJohnson's first sustainability report, covering our environmental and social performance in calendar year 2015.  It is based on the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 Guidelines and encompasses our global operations, with a … [Read More...]

Featured Products

AccuFlow™ 2

Already creating millions of dollars in value for packaging and pulp producers, the world’s most versatile platform makes the leap to printing and writing grades. The SP2/EP2 is improving machine efficiencies by optimizing the work horse position on all P&W machines; the pick-up position. This version of AccuFlow has been modified to resist wear from abrasive fillers while it stays more open to eliminate common sheet handling issues. The result has been improved running … [Read More...]


PrintStar™ forming fabric is a thin caliper, fine mesh SSB triple layer fabric engineered for today’s high speed machines and critical grades.  PrintStar™ is woven with a Structured Yarn™ on the machine side which improves dimensional stability without loss of air permeability. This unique feature also provides a cleaner running machine as documented in the following case studies. … [Read More...]

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