element™ ST Press Fabric

The element ST is the first Intrisic 3 Layer Seam structure. It is a Hybrid construction utilizing a combination of a non-woven CD oriented base module between 2 layers of woven base modules. The directionality of the CD insert provides compressibility under pressure in the nip and resiliency on the exit side of the nip. The 3 layer design provides added void volume for increased dewatering potential as well as compaction resistance for higher loaded later presses. It can also be made as an endless construction.

Product Benefits:

  • High dewatering rates: increased solids, lower draws, reduced energy consumption, higher production rates & machine runnability
  • Increased life: compaction resistance, improved end of life performance-steady state operation
North America For More Information, Contact:

Tony Relich

Printing & Writing Product Manager E-mailtony.relich@astenjohnson.com
Asia For More Information, Contact:

Rob Henderson

Press Product Manager E-mailrob.henderson@astenjohnson.com