Competitive Edge

Get the most out of your paper machine.

By using our Competitive Edge business process, we focus our resources to help you get the best performance from your paper machine. Our unique business approach matches the right paper machine clothing product or technical service with your machine needs and capabilities to give you the competitive edge you need in the marketplace.

How You Benefit

  • Achievement of your performance goals.
    We focus on your specific needs, which means we don’t put a generic product on your machine or use a “trial and error” approach to our technical service. We select only the product or service that will deliver the results you desire.
  • A solid, well-prepared plan.
    We don’t use a “shotgun” approach. We work with you to develop a performance plan for your machine or mill. Then we follow that plan, measuring the effectiveness of the product or service on a regular basis.
  • A solution-oriented process.
    We’re your resource for all of your paper machine clothing and technical service needs.

The AstenJohnson Competitive Edge Process

  • Together with you, we analyze your needs to determine where your machine performance is now and where you would like it to be.
  • Next, we match our resources with the expertise you need. After that, we determine which goals we can help you achieve.
  • Then, we recommend the product or technical service that will allow you to reach those goals. If a change in paper machine clothing is needed, we conduct a trial. If technical service is required, we provide a service plan.
  • After the plan is implemented, we follow up to review the performance of our products. Then we give you an analysis of how the products have benefited your machine’s performance in actual dollars saved or in increased productivity.
  • Our goal is to be a valuable part of your team. Your bottom line is affected by how well we perform. We provide you with as many positive benefits, savings and improvements as possible.

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