AstenJohnson University is offered annually in Charleston, SC, at our corporate office. Experienced AstenJohnson associates teach the courses and bring papermaking and paper machine clothing experience to the class. Started in 2005, the course is designed for individuals who are new to the papermaking industry as well as seasoned veterans who want to learn more about papermaking. Those with extensive hands-on experience but little formal technical training will benefit from the course. AstenJohnson University can also be tailored and brought to your paper mill for on site training. To find out more about this, please fill in the form on the right.

AJU Experts

Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds in the paper industry. Short biographies can be found here

Customer Testimonials:

Forming Roundtable

  •  I enjoyed the information that was shared concerning the forming (headbox) rolls, breast rolls; the experience of coming together of different companies, and sharing a common goal of improvement of the wet end operation.
  • I liked meeting people from around the industry and discussing issues we face day to day and how we have either resolved or failed to resolve the issues.
  • Presenters are world class. Very good in-depth presentations.
  • Overall, I truly enjoyed my first conference with the company, and hoping to have many more to come. I have learned more insight on the importance of the different rolls…. Headbox… etc. concerning the wet end operation.
  • More discussion on improving existing top headbox and fourdriniers vs just gap formers.

Forming Roundtable

Packaging Sessions

  •  ...it was the best training they have had in the industry
  • Just wanted to say thanks again for everything last week!  The material covered within the packaging session course is very comprehensive, and is of great benefit to everyone fortunate enough to have the privilege of attending, and the presentations are first class!
  • Very pleased; lots of valuable info and hope to get the opportunity to attend future events of this nature.
  • Sessions are put together very well with knowledgeable people presenting.
  • Good safety discussions.
  • Great information and thanks for having this session.
  • Thanks to all for the great fellowship. You are really a great host and great people.

Packaging Sessions

Printing & Writing Session

  •  Really enjoyed the class and looking forward to seeing what can be implemented at the mill.
  •  Everything was top notch.
  •  AstenJohnson took very good care of my group.
  •  Highly recommend others to participate in these sessions.

Printing & Writing

Shoe Press Users Roundtable

  • Being able to network with peers and having discussions with our supplier about specific problems or opportunities
  • Having roundtable discussions and hearing from the successes and struggles at other mills
  • Continue with the roundtable discussions – very informative presentation from the Domtar, Kingsport mill
  • The AstenJohnson presenters were very knowledgeable and did a great job presenting the details in a way that everyone could understand
  • It was extremely helpful to have the time to talk one-on-one with the AstenJohnson associates about the material covered during the classroom sessions
  • Impressed with the participation from everyone who attended the conference


Tissue Session

  • Forming fundamentals, press fabric designs, & problem solving. Yankee dryer steam loop & wet end chemistry.
  • I liked the trouble shooting discussions.
  • The creping and wet end were very good.
  • Experience stories and ways to try and solve problems.
  • The open discussions on different problem solving solutions.
  • The wet end chemistry.

Tissue Session

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