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A dedicated Research and Development facility, located at our Williston facility, enables us to work closely with customers, suppliers and end users to develop technologies and polymer compositions that will add value to your business. Our dedication to R&D has led us to assemble some of the foremost experts in polymer formulation and monofilament extrusion. The mindset that “nothing is impossible” drives us to achieve your goals with remarkably short product development cycles. As part of the development partnership, we listen first, evaluate your requirements and offer solutions that will satisfy you.

We have the ability to precisely extrude a wide array of polymers, including polyesters, nylons, flouropolymers and olefins, in round or shaped configurations This affords us the opportunity to offer many solutions for automotive, recreation, agriculture, industrial filtration and material handling applications.

Our research has also allowed us to reach and maintain the highest standards in our Quality Assurance programs. Whether your monofilament designs demand tight diameter tolerances, high chemically resistive properties, increased tensile strength or elongation, our manufacturing practices will see to it that these demands are met.

Product DescriptionFPDO
CorlynOur patented hollow contaminant and hydrolysis resistant strand has 28% more yield. It offers a cleaner alternative to twisted stuffer strands.x
EstralynOur standard polyester monofilament is designed to meet the needs of our external customers.
High Modulus PETThis high modulus strand is designed to stiffen forming fabrics.xx
MonalloyOur premier abrasion resistant monofilament is designed for longer lasting forming fabricsx
MonotierThis flat ribbon strand is designed for maximum wear resistance with hydrolysis resistant additives.x
PolyFyrePolyester monofilament with flame-retardant additives is designed especially for the aerospace industry.
PolysheenThis strand is contaminant and hydrolysis resistant. Round and flat dimensions are available for dryer fabrics.x
PPSWe developed this inherent chemically, hydrolytically and thermally stable strand with enhanced loop strength for long-term use in dryer fabrics.x
PreslynAn improved surface on this strand enhances processing and reduces contaminants. Offered in standard, heat stabilized and flame retardant compositions, Preslyn® meets the demand for many industrial applications.
Round and flat dimensions are available for press fabrics.
PVDFThis monofilament has a surface enhancement to reduce splitting and fracturingxx
ThermoguardThis copolyester monofilament has superior hydrolysis resistance to stabilized polyesterx
Thermoguard CorlynOur unique hollow strand in the ThermoGuard recipe is designed for longer-life dryer fabrics.xx
F = Forming | P = Press | D = Dryer | O = Other

Spool Sizes

lbs (kg)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
P22 (10.0)DIN 35514.0 (355)7.875 (200)8.750 (224)0.875 (35)9.625
F15 (6.8)N/A11.9 (302)8.500 (216)6.625 (168)0.875 (22)7.000 (180)
L7 (3.2)DIN 2509.8 (250)6.250 (160)6.250 (160)0.875 (22)7.875 (200)
Q5 (2.3)DIN 2007.8 (200)6.250 (160)4.875(125)0.875 (22)7.875 (200)
MonAlloy is a patented, high performance polymer alloy that fights wear and chemical attack better than any other strand developed. You’ll only find this super strand in our MonAlloy Technology (MT) series of forming fabrics.

With special processing techniques developed for MonAlloy, we manufacture MT fabrics with the papermaking characteristics necessary to meet challenges like increasing machine speeds, decreasing downtime and more frequent machine boil-outs.

  • Improved wear resistance
  • Superior drainage throughout fabric life
  • More consistent machine loads and efficiency throughout fabric life
  • Greater resistance to high-pressure showering
  • Higher resistance to chemical attack than nylon

Case Study: DuraPac-XL with MonAlloy

Grade: Corrugated Medium
With our DuraPac-XL fabric with MonAlloy, we recorded increased off-couch dryness from 20% to 24-25% and calculated significant Energy savings of approximately US$60,723 per year.

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