Every decade or so a press fabric comes along that redefines the limits of press performance. Since 2005 AstenJohnson AccuFlow™ has been that product. The challenged posed to industry icon Henry Lee (developed MonoTier® dryer fabrics and our successful seamed multi-axial products) was how to overcome the limitations of laminated seamed felts which only provided minor water handling improvements and were prone to sheet marking. The solution took the form of a unique stacked structure which provides maximum void to carry water with an open structure to release it; an unparalleled combination. AccuFlow™ has since grown into a full-fledged product line platform and is taking the industry by storm.

  • AccuFlow™-S is the original, aimed mainly at packaging machine early presses. Open and durable, the product has been proven to help a customer achieve two daily and two monthly production records! Click here to read more
  • AccuFlow™-SP2 was added to better fit the unique needs of Printing and Writing pick-up positions.  Provides exceptional performance with longer life and fast break-in time. Click here to read more
  • AccuFlow™-SHD was developed with the highest water handling capacity in the world within a single-seam product. It carries the most water to uhle box and releases it easily.
  • AccuLink is an option available on AccuFlow™-S and AccuFlow™-SP2 to practically eliminate seam mark.

These products have been so popular that we have added seamless versions to our customers who don’t need the convenience of an “on-machine” seam!

For more information about AccuFlow™ products, please contact your regional AstenJohnson sales representative.

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